Paper Moonlight Crafts was created as an outlet of creativity and ways to help joyfully connect people in modern-day life.

I started crafting as a child – from scrapbooking to painting to sewing and more. As I grew older, these outlets were replaced with worries about school, a career, bills, and all the other side effects of adulthood. I began to revisit these old hobbies, which brought a childish happiness back to the forefront of my mind.

I began focusing on papercut cards and art, and soon revisited sewing and quilting. I began creating my own designs with projects I thought others would enjoy.

As our lives continue to change, I want to share some of this happiness with others. Covid-19 dismantled so many of our plans. The isolation and unknowns made us uncomfortable. But we have also made ways to connect with one another. Paper Moonlight Crafts is my way of doing this.

Every project is designed and created with deliberate care and my style is simple, clean and modern. I enjoy both physical and digital media, and look for new ways to do things. I am a night owl, and most of my designing happens by light of the moon.

I hope each product brings you as much joy to make or share as it gives me to create. Feel free to share any comments, thoughts, suggestions, etc.

Happy creating!

Paper Moonlight as seen through Instagram